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Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Male Drivers

You might be hard pressed to find the cheapest car insurance for young male drivers under 25 because car insurance companies consider them the riskiest driver group. Most young drivers lack enough driving experience to get a lower rate on their car insurance, and for young males under 25 the rates will be much higher than those for females under 25. You female drivers are considered by insurance companies to be a much lower risk than young males in the same age group. Young male drivers are more likely to drive too fast to impress their friends, and they are also the group that makes the most claims, as well as the most expensive ones.

While the cheapest car insurance for young drivers may not necessarily be feasible, a young male driver can qualify for various car insurance discounts that could help lower his premium enough for it to be relatively affordable. Many insurance companies offer good student discounts for getting good grades, taking a defensive driving or driver safety course, being a resident student, having safety and/or security equipment in his vehicle, low-mileage discounts or discount for maintain auto insurance for a specified period of time.

Another step a young male driver can take toward a lower insurance premium is to go for a regular 4-door sedan instead of a flashy sports car to impress his friends–and the young ladies. Sports and luxury cars cost more to insure, and sports cars are considered high-risk vehicles due to their higher rate of accidents.

The most crucial habit a young male driver should adopt is keeping his driving record clean. Getting the cheapest care insurance for young male drivers might be like pulling teeth, but having higher premiums for the rest of your driving years is no picnic either. Repeat traffic tickets, accidents and other moving violations will keep a young driver in the high-risk category with insurance companies for years, and a bad driving record can even get a young male driver dropped from an insurance company.

Exercise due diligence and shop around for the cheapest care insurance for young male drivers. Get quotes from a few companies. Rates can vary significantly between a number of car insurers. Simply do a search on the Internet, choose the companies that pique your interest and request a free, non-obligatory quote that will be in your email in minutes. Review what each company has to offer and go with the one that best suits your needs.