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Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Finding the cheapest car insurance for young drivers is a really matter of being able to bring something to the table that will qualify you for premium-reducing discounts and knowing what car insurance companies like to see–and what they don’t like to see. Being under 25, unfortunately, is one strike against you; being under 25 and male is another.

Young male drivers are likely to speed and be involved in an accident. Young female drivers tend to be much safer drivers, thus their premiums tend to be lower but still higher than those for older adults. Overall, drivers under 25 are considered the highest risk driver group, so your premiums are going to be higher at least under you reach 25–and that’s contingent upon a few factors.

Some of the key factors that car insurers consider when rating young drivers are where they live, their driving record, gender, the kind of car being insured and the type of coverage you are purchasing. Young male drivers under 25 are considered the highest risk group of drivers, while young female drivers in the same age group are considered much safer drivers and thus end up paying a lot less than their male counterparts.  So how does a young driver find the cheapest car insurance? Again, you have to assess what you’re bringing to the table.

Car insurance companies consider where you live (i.e., state and whether you live in the city or in a rural area). If you live in a state that has a high rate of accidents, you will pay more for insurance based on that alone, regardless of your age. If you live in the city, where traffic is typically heavier–and the likelihood of an accident higher–you will pay more for insurance. If you live in a rural area, you will pay less because traffic in those areas is a lot lighter and there’s less likelihood for an accident.

What type of car do you have or plan on insuring? If you plan on driving that flashy little sports car to school to impress your fellow classmates, also plan on forking out more cash to insure it. Insurance companies consider sports cars as high-risk vehicles due to the higher rate of accidents and wreckages. Luxury cars also rate a high premium price tag because it costs more to replace and repair them. Opting for an SUV or 4-door sedan instead will save you money on insurance.

The longer you have been driving, the greater your chances of getting a lower premium. Most young drivers have less three years of driving under their belt, which disqualifies most young drivers for a good driver discount that many insurance companies offer drivers. You might get a good driver discount if you find an insurer that calculates driving history from age 16 and you happen to be 19 when you apply for insurance.

When you find a few insurance companies who are willing to take you on, ask about discounts. There are discounts that even young drivers can qualify for. You may qualify for a low-mileage discount is you will be driving a short distance to school. Being an honor student may qualify you for a good student discount. Having anti-theft devices and anti-lock brakes and air bags can get you additional discounts. Living on campus and leaving your car at home can get you a resident student discount. Insurance companies also offers discounts for taking defensive driving or driver safety courses, which would benefit any driver.

Establish a good credit history. Insurance companies like to see applicants with good payment histories because it gives them assurance that they aren’t taking a risk of insuring someone who cannot pay their premiums and may have to be canceled or not given the option of renewal when it is time to do so.

Unless you are going to be driving a new car, liability coverage is all you really need. Adding comprehensive and collision coverage is more costly, and for an older model it’s just not worth it–especially if you wind up in an accident and the car gets totaled. Most times insurance companies will give you significantly less than what you paid for the car, resulting in a costly loss on your part. If you have a new or leased vehicle, comprehensive/collision coverage is required. In that case, see if you can wing a much higher deductible, which will lower your monthly premiums.

The single most important habit to adopt is safe driving. A clean driving record may not seem like a big deal now, but it will pay off in the form of lower premiums when you’re older. When insurance companies see a string of speeding tickets, traffic violations and accidents, DUI or DWI convictions, you can be paying higher premiums for years. A bad driving record will make getting insurance difficult, period. And if you do, it won’t come cheap. Likewise, if you have an insurance carrier, repeated traffic offenses can get you dropped from coverage, and finding a new one will be very difficult.

If you’re serious about finding the cheapest car insurance for young drivers despite some of the strikes against you going into your search, take the time to do your homework. It’s as easy as doing an Internet search and getting free, non-obligatory quotes from multiple companies. In minutes you can be reviewing what each one has to offer a young driver. Ask your family and friends about the companies you’re considering to get feedback on their experience. You can also visit auto insurance forums on the Internet and get feedback on various companies to help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Searching for affordable car insurance can be a tedious process, but you’d be wise not to skimp on your research. It’s better to end up with a good policy at an affordable price, than to end up paying more for insurance than you should–even if you are a young driver.