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Where You Can Find the Cheapest Car Insurance Online Quote

Finding the cheapest car insurance online quote requires more than knowing what “phrase” to enter into a search engine. You need to first take an assessment of what you’re working with in regards to the type of car you drive, your driving status, financial situation and any current policies you may have, if any. There are certain factors that car insurance companies use to rate a policy and determine the premium a policyholder will pay, and getting a clear picture of your entire car insurance portfolio can help you see how many of these factors weigh in your favor–and how many of them don’t–when getting the cheapest car insurance online quote.

Anything that indicates you being a high risk driver will shoot down any chances you have for getting the cheapest car insurance quotes online. If you have a driving record that is less than perfect, particularly one dented with DUI or DWI convictions or license suspensions, you can forget about getting a cheap car insurance quote period. If you’re a new driver or haven’t driven in a few years, car insurance may not come cheap. If you are male and under 25, you will pay more for insurance even with a clean driving record. If you have been canceled by a previous car insurer, you’ll be lucky if you can even find another insurer to take you. The best you can hope for is to take advantage of any premium reductions or discounts such as good driver, resident or good student driver or low-mileage discounts.

If you drive a sports car, you’re driving a car that is considered a high-risk vehicle. Therefore, you may not have much luck finding the cheapest car insurance quotes online for such a car. Your stand a better chance with an SUV or 4-door sedan. You could get a premium reduction for having anti-theft devices on your car, as well as air bags or anti-lock brakes. While finding the cheapest car insurance online quote is the ultimate goal, getting all the discounts you can surely couldn’t hurt. In addition to the discounts already mentioned, there are discounts for taking defensive driver courses; multiple-vehicle discounts; and discounts for maintaining insurance for at least six months.

The beauty of shopping for the cheapest car insurance quote online is that you can request as many quotes from as many car insurance companies in your area as you wish and carefully review what each one has to offer without being hassled by a pushy sales rep. You can also get quotes for varying amounts of coverage to help you determine how much insurance you need and can afford. You should also talk to a rep from the companies that interest you to get an idea of the type of customer service you can expect.