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When you’re ready to search for the cheapest car insurance rates in your area, the first place you go is to the Internet. You do a search for the cheapest car insurance rates in your city and wait for a few pages of links to come up. You click on one, or two, that takes you to another site that asks you to enter your zip code for a list of car insurance companies in your area who are ready and willing to be of service to you. You fill out their short online questionnaire and in a matter of minutes you’re looking over your free quotes and any other information, along with an invitation to speak to an agent if you have any questions.

Your search for the cheapest car insurance rates may go smoother if you take the time to assess your car insurance portfolio and know what your objectives are before you begin your search. If you have some speeding tickets on your driving record, you should anticipate your search for cheap insurance rates to be a bit of a challenge. If you have a DUI, it shouldn’t come as a shock that cheap insurance is not in the cards for you for a while. If you haven’t been driving that long, expect the insurance company to rate your policy as if you are a new or inexperienced driver, because they do. Have a clear picture of what you’re bringing to the table can give you an idea of your chances of getting cheap insurance rates, paying higher yet affordable rates, or paying more for insurance than most people because you’re considered high-risk.

Do a little more research and become knowledgeable about the various discounts insurance companies offer new customers. Discounts for having multiple vehicles, being a good student or resident student, being a safe driver, having safety features on your car and even maintaining insurance or driving for a certain length of time qualifies you for premium discounts. This is especially beneficial for higher-risk drivers who may not be able to get lower premiums. Another option is to drop existing coverage on older vehicles (i.e., drop collision/comprehensive coverage) or pay a high deductible.

When trying to find the cheapest car insurance online, search only for reputable companies you are familiar with. On the flip side, the insurance company that all of your family members use may not necessarily be the right one for you. Exercise due diligence, and your search for the cheapest car insurance rates will be a walk in the park.