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Cheapest Car Insurance in San Diego: Little Known Tricks

If you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance in San Diego, you’re probably aware of all the usual tricks for getting discounts on car insurance. Shopping around, bundling different policies like homeowners with car insurance, being a safe driver, being a good student and having a great driving record are all pretty well known ways to get cheapest car insurance in San Diego, but there are some tips and tricks you might not be aware of when it comes to getting the best deal on car insurance.

The place to start to find the cheapest car insurance in San Diego is of course the Internet. You can enter all the important information about your vehicle, your driving habits, driving record and your car insurance needs here for a free quote from different companies. Look through this list for the cheapest car insurance in San Diego, and then make sure to follow up with an agent to ask for additional discounts.

After you get your free quote for cheap car insurance from different companies online, you can find the absolute cheapest car insurance in San Diego by asking for discounts when you talk to an agent. If you get discounts for being a safe driver, a good student or a member of an organization, your low cost car insurance can become the cheapest car insurance in San Diego. There are often discounts available for those that buy more than just one kind of insurance, so always see if you need renter’s insurance or another type of insurance that you can purchase when you buy your auto policy for additional savings.

While safe driver and good student discounts are old hat in the cheapest car insurance game, you can also get discounts if you belong to a community service organization or a professional organization. Also, drivers who belong to “safe” professions like teaching or law enforcement can also get discounts because they’ve been proven to be safer drivers. When speaking with a car insurance agent, always mention these types of things so that you can get your additional discount.

Another way to get cheapest car insurance in San Diego is to pay your car insurance premium in as few payments as possible or in full when you purchase your policy. Car insurance companies charge administrative or installment fees for splitting up your premium into monthly payments. All these little fees can really add up, so paying your car insurance off in one lump sum or two payments can really save you money and turn that cheap car insurance into cheapest car insurance in San Diego.