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Saving More By Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon

All over the state, from Portland to Salem, even in Bend and Springfield, people are looking for the cheapest car insurance in Oregon. However, there is no mysterious magic bullet or super company to be able to lower your rates. Each person insured will find that a number of variables can deeply impact the amount they pay, and they save on their auto insurance. If you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance in OR, you can find it, but it might mean shopping around.

As of January of 2010, there were some changes to the Oregon insurance requirements that you should know about. In addition to being required to carry $25k for bodily injury liability, up to $50k per accident, you will also need property damage liability coverage of $20k or better. However, additionally, you will need uninsured, underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage with a 25/50 limit.
This means it is very important to carry coverage, but how do you go about finding the cheapest car insurance in Oregon?

Like the old song goes, you’d better shop around. It’s pretty wise advice no matter what you’re trying to save money on, but if you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance in OR, it’s particularly smart. Yes, there are a number of variables about you that won’t change readily: your age, your gender, your marital status and your occupation, for instance, but the rates those things influence may be different from company to company. Also, when those things do change, it’s important to let your provider know, this, too can also mean a discount and getting closer to having the cheapest car insurance in Oregon.

So, compare rates, but also, with each company you look into, be sure to ask about discounts. There are many discounts that not all insurance companies readily advertise. Safety features on your car, low mileage, affiliation with different professional groups and even good grades can bring significant savings and bring you a step ahead in getting the cheapest car insurance in Oregon.

Also, if you’re thinking about moving, consider that the bigger the city, the higher the rates, usually. So, if you move to a less populated area, you might find a reduction in your rates, but if you move to a more heavily populated town, they may go up a bit. Additionally, if you happen to be buying a home in that area, talk to your provider or your potential insurers about what kind of discounts can come of combining policies.

When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, consider purchasing something with a little less flash. Vehicles that are high profile are often also high risk for theft and that will negatively impact your insurance rates, as will vehicles that people might be prone to driving at faster speeds. These are just a few small things that you can do or consider to help you get on the path to finding the cheapest car insurance in Oregon.