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Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance In New Hampshire

In order to comply with the required insurance laws, many people seek out ways to find the cheapest car insurance in New Hampshire. Whether you’re in Manchester, Nashua, or anywhere in between, you can lower your premiums with a few changes. The first step in really being able to save on NH car insurance is having a better understanding of just what those requirements are. Also, because the New Hampshire Insurance Department may hold insurance companies more accountable, they do not set the rates. So, taking a look at the requirements is the first step in finding ways to lower the amount you spend on car insurance.

New Hampshire Auto Insurance Requirements: 25/50/25

New Hampshire doesn’t actually require you to insure your vehicle. The problem happens when you have an “at fault” accident where you are responsible. If that happens and you don’t have insurance coverage, you’ll have to put up cash equal to the amount of damages that were caused in the accident. There is an SR22 insurance requirement in the Granite State, for repeat cases of certain violations. Finding yourself in that position isn’t the best way to get the cheapest car insurance in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire does have a financial responsibility requirement. Basically, this 25/50/25 requirement means that you’ll need a minimum of $25k for injury liability, for one person. That 50 stands for $50k for all injuries, and then, the last 25 means you’ll need $25k for property damage. However, you can also obtain a $75k single limit policy that will satisfy the requirement, as well.

The problem with not finding the cheapest car insurance in NH to meet those requirements is that it sets the stage for lawsuits. Often, people do not realize the importance of insurance until an accident happens. This is why it is important to take some steps to lower the cost of your insurance.

Getting The Cheapest Car Insurance In New Hampshire
The first step in making sure you aren’t paying too much for car insurance will always be to shop around. This holds especially true in cases where you have actually held a policy for a number of years. Revisiting your policy, talking with your insurer and checking out rates of other companies can not only save you money but it can help you to obtain the cheapest car insurance in NH. Talk to your friends and family about their policies, and research each company until you have a list to choose from. From there, begin to look into rates.
As you shop, looking into rates, ask about discounts. One of the most common is in bundling insurance. If you own a home, ask about combined policy discounts. If you’re driving record is clean and you have great skill behind the wheel, look for companies that offer reduced deductibles for that. If you get into a little fender bender or maybe are a little less fastidious, seek out plans with accident forgiveness.
Consider your credit history. This seems like a strange way to get the cheapest car insurance in New Hampshire, but it isn’t. Insurance companies will often take your credit history into account, so, if over the years you’ve held a policy and you’ve repaired your credit: ask your agent about changing things, or again, shop around for a new policy based on this new credit score.
Finding the cheapest car insurance in New Hampshire requires a little homework, but it is well worth it for the money you can save.