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Looking For the Cheapest Car Insurance in Maine

Buying the cheapest car insurance in Maine is probably far easier than you may believe once you see the minimum requirements. In cities such as Portland and Bangor you may think that the premiums would be higher than in other parts of the state, but the premiums do not vary based on location. Your insurance premiums are far more likely to vary based on your individual situation and the few things you can control. When you decide to search for the cheapest car insurance in ME, there are several things you should keep in mind.

First, it helps to understand the state minimum requirements for car insurance in Maine. The minimums in Maine are much higher than those in other states, which may seem at first to cause car insurance to be more costly in Maine. In reality, the reverse is true. It is easier to find the cheapest car insurance in Maine because the minimum limits are much higher. You must keep at least $50,000 coverage for individual bodily injury liability and at least $100,000 coverage for bodily injury liability per incident. In addition, you must also maintain at least $25,000 coverage for property damage liability. Once you have the minimum coverage in hand, you can make additional changes to your policy to get the cheapest car insurance in Maine.

Another way to make sure you get the cheapest car insurance in Maine is to make sure that your driving record is accurate. Although the insurance company will verify your driving record directly with the DMV, a poor driving record can cost you dearly in high insurance premiums. If your driving record is indeed poor, find out from your carrier if there is any way to reduce your premiums back to levels that equal the cheapest car insurance in Maine. You may be able to take certain driving courses, or there may be additional ways to lower your premiums. Your carrier wants to make money, but they know they can keep more customers if they can offer the cheapest car insurance in Maine to their customers.

You can also get the cheapest car insurance in Maine by providing accurate information when you apply. Insurance companies verify all of your information before they officially issue your policy. If they find inconsistencies or incorrect information, they are more likely to withdraw discounts applied during the quote and charge you the higher rates for your insurance. Avoid this nasty surprise by being as truthful as possible on your application and you will likely get the cheapest car insurance in Maine that is possible for your circumstances. Certainly, accidents with information can happen, but insurance companies are sticklers for accurate information.

With the cost of living rising on an almost daily basis, it is certainly important to find the cheapest car insurance in Maine. All sorts of factors from your driving history to the make and model of your vehicle all factor in to what your premiums will end up being. Keep all of these items in mind when you look for the cheapest car insurance in Maine.