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Options for low cost car insurance are quite attractive in today’s economy. There are ads everywhere for companies offering the cheapest car insurance, from television commercials to sponsored ads all over the Internet. It can be overwhelming to someone who is actually on a budget and looking for the best deal.  Where to begin?  How do you know when you have done enough research?  Are the companies offering these quotes legitimate?  All of these are important questions to ask when looking for low cost car insurance.

First, always remember that just because someone says something on television or the Internet, that does not always mean it is true. You should be prepared, if looking for the cheapest car insurance you can find, to do research.  Sites that give you comparative quotes are a great place to start, but you should verify the information you receive at other places.  There are many resources available to you when looking for low cost car insurance, and you should be willing to take advantage of as many as possible. For a start, you can enter your information here to get a list of quotes immediately.

What do you do with your list of cheapest car insurance quotes once you have gathered them?  First, think about obtaining even more quotes, perhaps from a different site.  You may discover that three different insurance comparison sites offer three drastically different quotes from the same company. This does not mean the information you have is poor; it means that different variables are being used when they obtain the quotes.  You can use this information to independently verify and even talk down the company with whom you choose to do business. Obtaining low cost car insurance can be like a game of strategy.  Remember that insurance companies want your business.  They are providing a service which makes them money, and you are in a position to take advantage of that service.

Once you have obtained a list of quotes with which you are happy, do some more research. Check out Frequently Asked Questions lists dealing with car insurance.  These can answer many questions that you may not have thought of, and you may find that the cheapest car insurance quote on your list may not be as low-cost as it seemed at first blush.  After this, look at Internet discussion forums which deal with car insurance, the model of car you drive, and the location where you live.  All of these types of forums may provide you valuable information about your low cost car insurance options.

Only you can say when you are satisfied with the amount of research you have done, but when you have completed research, call the insurance companies directly.  Challenge their quotes against what is being offered by other companies. You may find that companies are more than willing to compete with each other when it comes to offering you the cheapest car insurance options.  What the website said may not be the bottom line—most web-based quotes eliminate the human factor that is so important when negotiating for prices. In the end, when looking for low cost car insurance, the burden falls upon you, the shopper, to do the legwork and research, and make the best use of that research that you can.