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Cheapest Car Insurance in Louisiana

Buying the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana does not mean that you will necessarily be unprepared in the event of an accident. Everyone in Louisiana, from folks who live in New Orleans to Baton Rouge and down to the bayous, is held to the same minimum requirements for their car insurance. Remember that the minimum coverage is merely a suggestion, especially if you have other reasons to require additional coverage for your vehicle. When you decide to buy the cheapest car insurance in LA, you should keep not only the minimum requirements in mind but also your other needs.

In terms of minimum requirements, Louisiana is actually quite lenient. You must carry at least $10,000 coverage for individual bodily injury liability and at least $20,000 coverage in property damage liability. These minimums can help you to get the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana, but you can always purchase additional coverage if you feel that it is necessary. You are required to carry proof of your insurance coverage in your vehicle at all times. If you cannot present proof of insurance at the scene of an accident or if you are pulled over, you face heavy fines and the possibility that your license may be suspended.

One way you can keep your insurance premiums down and get the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana is to keep your credit rating in mind. Unfortunately, a poor credit rating may actually cause your premiums to rise. One way you can work around this problem is to pay your entire premium up front. Insurance companies look favorably upon this practice because they do not have to wait to get the money for the full premium. Because of this, they may be willing to offer you a discount that brings your rates down as low as the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana.

By paying your premium in full at the start of your new policy, you will also avoid something called installment fees. Installment fees are added to each separate payment you make during the lifetime of your policy and can add up quite a bit. These types of additional charges can easily take your policy from being the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana to being considerably more expensive. Once you pay your entire premium, you no longer have to deal with these installment fees, and your policy may again rival the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana.

While it is extremely important, and required by law, that you maintain your car insurance, for some people it is just as important to have the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana. With the cost of living rising daily in general, many people find that they have to cut corners in many other areas. Car insurance cannot be one of the areas you cut. If you cannot afford to raise your coverage levels, that is not a problem as long as the minimum levels are met. Just because you have the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana, this does not mean that your coverage is inferior in any way.