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Get the Cheapest Car Insurance in Illinois

It is not as difficult as you might think to find the cheapest car insurance in Illinois. State law requires that you have the minimum amount of car insurance, and residents have to adhere to these minimums whether they live in rural areas or in Chicago. With a little bit of time and the right information, you can find the cheapest car insurance in IL and protect your car and your driving privileges.

If you do not have the right amounts of car insurance coverage, you can receive fines or even have your license suspended. In Illinois, you must maintain bodily injury liability coverage, both for individuals and for the entire accident. For individual coverage, the minimum limit is $20,000 while the incident minimum is $40,000. You must also maintain property damage liability coverage of at least $15,000. Once you have the minimum coverage limits in place, you can look at other ways to get the cheapest car insurance in Illinois.

Find out if your employer offers discounts to any particular insurance companies. Frequently, insurance companies will make discount deals with employers so you can get the cheapest car insurance in Illinois. Your employer may have made deals with several companies, or you may only have one choice. Regardless, be sure to check the coverage and the policy well to determine if the policy is the cheapest car insurance in Illinois as well as the right policy for you.

You can also check with any professional organizations you belong to in order to see if they have any discounts that would give you the cheapest car insurance in Illinois. Certain organizations, much like employers, make arrangements with car insurance companies to offer their members a discount that provides them with the cheapest car insurance in Illinois. If you are not sure whether your organization offers such discounts, be sure to ask.

Occasionally, insurance companies will offer student discounts to good students. This type of discount works in much the same way as a good driver discount works, only you will need to provide proof of your grades in your coursework in order to keep the discount. If you are enrolled in school and already maintain good grades, this is a very easy way to help make sure that you get the cheapest car insurance in Illinois. Even if you do not already have the right grade point average for this discount, you can continue to try each semester that you are a student.

Remember that once you purchase the cheapest car insurance in Illinois, you must keep proof of your insurance policy in your vehicle. If a police officer asks for your proof of insurance and you cannot provide it, you may face fines or the loss of your driver’s license. These penalties are in addition to any penalties you could face as a result of an accident or a speeding ticket as well. Make sure that you protect your driving privileges by maintaining the proof of your cheapest car insurance in Illinois in your vehicle at all times.