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How You Can Find Who Offers the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Town

The key to finding who offers the cheapest car insurance quotes in town is knowing how to practically guarantee you’ll get the lowest quotes possible from every insurer you request a quote from, rather than settling for the car insurance company with the lowest numbers. Of course you can simply do an Internet search for “cheapest car insurance quotes” and have a plethora of links to different online car insurance sites–enough to overwhelm a novice policyholder who may be looking to change insurers. If you know what criteria insurance companies use to determine your premiums, it could streamline the process for you.

Car insurance companies rate a policy using criteria such as where you live, the kind of car you drive, the purpose of your vehicle (business, school or pleasure), how often you use the vehicle, your driving record, length of time you’ve been driving and your credit history. Your age and gender can also be a factor. Drivers under 25 will pay more for insurance than older drivers, especially if they are male.

Even if you succeed at finding companies who offer the cheapest car insurance in your area, you can expect to pay more for insurance if you live and/or drive in a heavily trafficked area than a driver who lives and/or drives in a rural area. Areas with heavy traffic tend to have a higher number of traffic accidents. If you have a short commute to and from work or school, you could qualify for a low-mileage discount on your premium.

Insurance companies who offer the cheapest car insurance love to see drivers with spotless driving records, because it tells them that such driver is a low risk to the company–very little chance of having to pay out money in claims. Keep your record clean and your premiums will stay low. The longer you have been driving, the more likely you can find cheap car insurance quotes online. Drivers with a short time behind the wheel are considered to be higher risk to insurance companies, especially if they are young drivers.

If you want a good chance getting your foot in the door with a car insurance company online who offers the cheapest car insurance rates, and you’re buying a new car, pick a nice sturdy SUV or 4-door sedan instead of a flashy sports car or a luxury car. Sports cars are considered high risk and are more likely to be wrecked in an accident, and luxury cars cost more to repair and replace.

Lastly, a credit report that is clear of blemishes is a good sign of the high probability that the insurance can count on timely premium payments from you, thus the low likelihood of your policy being canceled or non-renewal of your policy because of non-payment.