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How to Locate the Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Everyone knows how to locate the cheapest car insurance rates. You simply go online and do a search for the “cheapest car insurance rates”. In a matter of minutes, quotes from a number of online car insurance companies are in your inbox and you’re set to go with the one who has the numbers and the coverage you’re looking for.

What you probably don’t know is that insurance companies rate a policy using several criteria that can weigh in your favor–or not. Auto insurers look at your driving record; the cleaner it is, the more likely you’ll find plenty of cheap car insurance rates. Insurers also looking at how long you’ve been driving; the longer you’ve spent behind the wheel, the better your search for the cheapest car insurance rates will pan out. This is one scenario where being older is a plus; drivers under 25 are considered a high-risk group. Insurers also look at where you live, the type of car you drive and its purpose, and even where the car is parked when you’re not driving it.

Don’t just stop at finding the cheapest car insurance rates. See what discounts prospective companies offer. This may necessitate contacting and speaking with an agent over the phone. Are you a safety-conscious driver? Ask if they offer good driver discounts. Do you have anti-lock brakes and air bags on your car? Car alarm or other anti-theft devices? See if you can get a discount for having those safety features. Have a short commute to work or school? Ask about low-mileage discounts. Getting straight A’s in school? Ask about good student discounts. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions. Not getting all the facts could cost you more in insurance than you should be paying.

While you have your prospective agent on the phone, have him or her explain the types of coverage you’re interested in buying. Knowing what is covered will help you decide how much insurance you need–and can afford to buy. On the flip side, it could also help you decide if you should drop coverage on an older vehicle that has decreased in value over time.

If your current situation finds you with a driving record you’d rather not talk about, locating the cheapest car insurance rates is probably out of the question for a while. However, you may still succeed at finding affordable car insurance if you do your due diligence and shop around with different companies before settling on one.