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How to Get a Cheap Car Insurance Quote

You may already know how to get the cheapest car insurance quote and not even know it. Getting the cheapest car insurance quote you can find is not really all that hard, unless you have had the misfortune of having some DUIs or DWIs on your driving record, or you are under 25 and male or you are brand new motorist. You can still qualify for some premium reductions even if you do fall under those groups.

Drivers who qualify for a lower premium are the kind insurance companies want more of. These are drivers over 25 whose driving records are free of any violations or convictions and who have been driving for at least three years or longer. These are drivers with good credit or good payment histories, which is a good sign to an insurer that there’s little chance of policy cancellations or non-renewals due to non-payment.

Drivers under 25, teen drivers, drivers who have been driving for less than three years, drivers with DUI/DWI convictions and drivers with excessive speeding tickets or other traffic violations are considered high-risk. Therefore, premiums for this group are much higher. If the cheapest car insurance quote is what you seek, drive safely, don’t drive while intoxicated, and pay your bills on time (or clear up baddies on your report if any). Teen drivers or under-25 drivers could consider having their parents add them to their existing car insurance policy to save a little money.

Aside from driving record/history, there are other factors that will work in your favor. You stand a greater chance of cheaper car insurance if you drive a 4-door sedan instead of a luxury or sports car, because the latter costs more to repair and replace and is more prone to accidents, respectively. If your car is equipped with air bags, anti-theft devices and anti-lock brakes, you qualify for safe driver discounts. If you own more than one vehicle, you’ll come out cheaper insuring all of them instead of taking out separate policies for each one.

Car insurance companies will often give you a discount for completing a driver safety or defensive driving course. Another way to reduce your auto insurance premium is to pay high deductible if you’re buying additional coverage such as collision/comprehensive, or drop collision/comprehensive coverage if you have an older vehicle.

Finding the cheapest car insurance quote mean not going with the first insurance company you find or the one all your family and friends are with. Shop around and get free online quotes from multiple companies to get a feel for their customer service etiquette and range of products. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, especially about any premium reductions you may qualify for.