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Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Finding the cheapest car insurance rates could end up being a bit nerve-wrecking if you’re not sure exactly what is it you’re looking for and what you’re working with in terms of your present car insurance portfolio.

To help streamline the process of finding the cheapest car insurance, search online to save time and hassle. You can do search and in minutes be reviewing a list of car insurance companies in your area you can request a free, non-obligatory quote from. You’ll be required to supply some information such as the make, year and model of the vehicle being insured and any pertinent accident/traffic violation information. Be completely honest and concise with any information pertaining to accidents or violations to ensure you get the most accurate quotes. The last thing you need is to have a cheap quote drastically increased to one you can barely afford because of incorrect information on your quote request.

Get a quote from at least four or five companies, and carefully review what they have to offer in terms of coverage. It will be helpful to be a bit knowledgeable about the types of coverage you must have and the types of coverage that aren’t really necessary. You are required to have liability coverage, which covers injuries to you or other parties involved in an accident. You are not required to have comprehensive/collision coverage on an older vehicle, but new and leased vehicles must have this coverage in addition to liability.

Comprehensive coverage covers vehicle damage caused by incidents other than collision, such as fire, theft, animals (i.e., hitting a deer) and flood damage. Collision coverage covers vehicle damage caused when your car collides with or is hit by another car or object. If you must purchase comprehensive/collision coverage, paying a much higher deductible can help lower your premiums.
Choosing to purchase full coverage on an older vehicle is a costly gamble, because if the car is damaged in an accident, chances are your insurer will give you much less than what you paid for the car.

It would be good idea to actually speak to an agent from the companies that interest you. The agent can explain the types of coverages more thoroughly and address any concerns or questions you have. Plus it gives you a chance to see what type of customer service to expect should you decide to business with them. Be sure to ask about premium-reducing discounts you may qualify for.