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You can find the cheapest car insurance quotes with just about any insurance company you choose. However, you may not necessarily get the cheapest car insurance quotes due to a number of factors you may or may not know about. Everyone’s car insurance portfolio is not the same, and cheap insurance rates may be out of the question for certain drivers.

Your gender, age, driving record, length of time you’ve been driving, the type of vehicle you drive, where you live, the purpose of your vehicle and how often you use it, and even your credit history are some of the criteria insurance companies examine when rating a car insurance policy. The more positives you have in regards to such criteria, the better your chances for cheap car insurance rates. The more negatives you have, the more likely you’ll be paying more for auto insurance.

A spotless driving record is crucial if you want car insurance costs to remain low and affordable throughout your driving years. An occasional parking ticket won’t break you, but a series of traffic violations might kill your chances of getting cheap car insurance rates. A DUI on your driving record will automatically put you in the high-risk category, especially if it resulted in the loss of your driving privileges. Drivers with DUI or DWI convictions on their driving record end up paying three to five times as much for car insurance, and they pay those higher premiums for as long as the convictions remain on their record. Once they fall off, their premiums may reduce, but it usually takes years for this to happen.

A good credit history can also go a long way toward helping you find the cheapest car insurance rates you can get. When insurance underwriters see a potential policyholder with a good credit score, they see someone who exercises good money management and who will most likely pay their premiums on time. Thus, very little chance of cancellation or non-renewal of policy due to non-payment. When underwriters see a poor credit score, they view this individual as someone who may not be able to keep up their payments and will repeatedly be at risk for policy cancellation or non-renewal.

Owning a 4-door sedan or SUV instead of a sports car will increase your chances of finding the cheapest car insurance rates. Sports cars are high-risk vehicles, according to insurance underwriters, and are more likely to be wrecked in an accident. If you own more than one vehicle, considering purchasing one policy for all your vehicles. It may be cheaper, and you could get a multiple-vehicle discount.

Where you live can also affect your premiums. Some states have a higher accident rate than others, and if you live in one of these states your premiums will show it. If you’re a city dweller where the traffic is heavier and the likelihood of an accident is higher, you’ll pay more for car insurance. If you live a rural area where the traffic is lighter and the accident rates tend to be lower, your premiums will be lower. If you live in or regularly park your car in an area with a high crime rate, your premiums may be higher to reflect the higher risk factor. Suffice it to say that finding the cheapest insurance rates involves more than searching online for the lowest quote. You need to assess your current situation and see what you’re bringing to the table.

Another measure you can take to reduce your premiums is to drop comprehensive coverage from any older vehicles you own. The chances of you getting the full value of such vehicles if they are totaled in an accident are very slim. Most insurance companies will pay you much less than what you paid for the vehicle. Unless you own antique or classic vehicles, comprehensive coverage really isn’t necessary.

For new or leased vehicles, comprehensive/collision insurance is typically required by the lien holder as a condition of the loan. You can still reduce your premiums by electing to pay a much higher deductible, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

If you’re a driver under 25, even a good driving record may not help you get cheap insurance rates. Drivers under 25 are considered high risk, due to their lack of sufficient driving experience and being more prone to traffic accidents. You may still be able to get affordable coverage, but overall you will still pay more for car insurance than older drivers. The good news is that you may qualify for some of the premium-reducing discounts that many insurance companies offer, and as long as you keep your driving record clean, you can look forward to lower premiums when you’re older.

If you’re serious about finding the cheapest car insurance rates you can get, you need to speak to an agent from each of the companies on your shortlist. You’ll be glad you endured a sales pitch if it results in your saving a lot of money on car insurance. An agent who wants your business will do what he can to help trim your costs, including telling you about any discounts you qualify for. Discounts such as good driver, good student, resident student, low-mileage and multiple-vehicle discounts are there for the asking, as well as discounts for anti-theft and safety features and taking a defensive driving or driver safety course. Don’t forget to ask the agent how insurance claims are handled. It’s good to know beforehand what to expect if you ever need to file a claim.

If you want to find the cheapest car insurance quotes, arm yourself with knowledge. When shopping for car insurance you can afford, knowledge can be the difference between paying too much because you failed to exercise due diligence or getting a good deal on a policy because you didn’t skimp on research and thoroughly did your homework. Even if cheap insurance rates aren’t in the cards for you right now for whatever reason, you’ll know what you need to do to ensure lower premiums down the road.