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Internet search engines provide a quick and easy way to compare who has the cheapest car insurance rates in any area. Doing the search is the easy part; reviewing the quotes and information you get from various companies is not so easy, especially if you’re a newbie driver. Arming yourself with knowledge can be the difference between paying less for insurance and paying more than you should. With so many auto insurers vying to get your business, knowledge is definitely power–and money.

Where you live, the make and model of your car, why you use your car, where you drive and park it, your driving record and length of time you have been driving, your age and gender, and your credit history are some of the criteria insurance companies use to determine your premiums. The most significant of these criteria is your driving record, age, gender and driving experience, because they can have a huge impact on your premiums. The younger you are (i.e., if you are under 25), if you are a young male, if you are a new or inexperienced driver, and you have multiple speeding tickets or a DUI on your driving record, you won’t be paying cheap car insurance premiums for a while.

Knowing how your car insurance portfolio shapes up against what insurance companies use to determine your premium will give you an idea of how much you could end up paying for auto insurance. Becoming knowledgeable about premium reductions wouldn’t hurt either. You could get premium reductions for being a good driver, being a safe driver, being a good student, having safety/security features on your car, driving a certain number of years, keeping your mileage low or keeping your car insurance in force for a certain period of time. Even if you cannot get the cheapest rates, you should still try to get as many discounts as you can. Every little bit helps.

As you search for the cheapest car insurance, compare customer service as well as quote and policy information. Call to speak to an agent from each prospective company and ask questions. Observe how your inquiries are handled as well as the agent’s etiquette to get an idea of the type of service you can expect should you ever need assistance with a claim or any other issue regarding your policy. Chances are you will have a long relationship with your insurer if you keep up your end of the bargain by promptly paying your premiums and keeping your driving record clean, so make you choose the one you feel best suits your needs and whom you will be happy with.