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When most people shop for car insurance, cheapest quotes are usually on the top of their list of search criteria. What they don’t realize is that cheap car insurance quotes are available to everyone, and there are reasons for this. Knowing what those reasons are, and where you fall in the grander scheme of things, will make your search for the cheapest quotes go a lot easier.

When shopping for car insurance, cheapest quote rates typically come easier to motorists with good driving records; older or experienced drivers with years of driving under their belt; drivers with good credit; and drivers who have had car insurance for a long time. There are other factors that influence a driver’s premium such as where he lives, where he drives and parks his vehicle, the type and purpose of the vehicle he drives and how often he drives it.

New or inexperienced drivers, drivers with DUI or DWI convictions or excessive traffic violations, and young drivers under 25 fall into a high-risk category that typically pays much higher premiums. If you fall into one of these groups, finding cheap car insurance will be like pulling teeth. Your best bet is to find quotes that are at least affordable, despite being higher.

The good news is that even if lower premiums are not an option for the time being, you may still qualify for a discount on your insurance premium. Definitely ask about premium-reducing discounts when you speak to an agent from the prospective companies you are considering. Ask about good driver or safe driving discounts if you pride yourself on being a safety-conscious driver. Having safety features on your car can net you a discount as well. Are you a straight-A student in school? There’s a discount for you too, and if you live on campus and leave your car at home you can get a resident discount. Don’t be afraid to ask for as many discounts as you can get. Every little bit of savings helps.

It goes without saying that when you’re purchasing car insurance, cheapest quotes from multiple companies–rather than just one or two–provides a better idea of what insurance rates are in general for your area. You also get to see what each company has to offer; not all companies offer the same products. There are so many different online insurance companies all competing for your business. Knowledge is power, and money, when it comes to buying car insurance.