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It seems that everyone is offering budget car insurance these days, and it can be difficult to separate legitimate offers from those that are less honest. There are many factors to be aware of when seeking cheap car insurance.  The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that car insurance—and particularly good car insurance—is not cheap car insurance, generally speaking. Certainly there are options available that are going to be more budget-friendly than others, but you need to be willing to ask yourself what you can sacrifice to get lower prices. A high deductible can be one way to lower your monthly costs.  However, a deductible is the amount you have to pay out yourself before your insurance kicks in.  This means your budget car insurance gets very expensive when you file a claim.  If, for example, you have a deductible of $1,500, you are responsible for the first $1,500 in repairs before your insurance company will give you any money at all. Suddenly your cheap car insurance is not so cheap after all. A low premium, or regular payment, is not always the whole story.

Another way to lessen your overall costs is to pay your premium in larger chunks.  Insurance generally costs more when you pay on a monthly basis.  If you can pay for six months or a year at a time, your insurance can be far less expensive overall.  Certainly these larger payments up front may not seem like the answer to cheap car insurance, but if it is something you can manage, you will save money overall.

The most labor-intensive but obvious and effective means of getting budget car insurance is to obtain multiple quotes from many different providers. Then take those quotes to competitors. Often by challenging one provider to match the quote of another, you can get cheap car insurance quotes that are far lower than you might see just by grabbing Internet quotes.  Remember that just because one company offers to compare their rates to other top providers online, that does not mean those competitor quotes are accurate or up-to-date.  You should never be afraid to independently verify any information you receive online by calling the source directly.

There are many websites online that offer budget car insurance quote comparisons. A simple web search will turn up dozens. These can be great starting points for your research, but should never be the end of your search.  Beware of websites offering comparisons of cheap car insurance, which in the fine print are owned by major insurance providers. Be thorough when you examine these sites—if a site appears to be an independent insurance comparison site, but is actually owned by a major company, you might find that the quotes offered are consistently the lowest by the company that owns the site.

Finally, you should make sure that the site you are using services your area.  Since insurance quotes vary from place to place, if the resource you are consulting does not relate to your location, your quotes may not be valid.  There are many pitfalls to avoid, but with due diligence, finding budget car insurance can be done; entering your data here can even get you started right away!